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sleek, compact computing devices that are suitable for everyday work as well as for digital signage and kiosks

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simple all-in-one devices perfect for desktop computing and easy-to-deploy kiosks.

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Chrome Mini

smaller surface. superior service. enterprise reliability and features at an affordable price.

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Chrome Device Management

Manage and configure more than 200 features and policies

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Content Management with Signagelive

Powerful, fully managed, scalable, easy to use and secure digital signage platform. Built with the future in mind

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Why Choose Google Chrome for Digital Signage

Google's Chrome operating system provides a secure and stable environment for your digital signage or interactive kiosk. Software updates are automatically distributed and all settings and policies are configured remotely through Google's device management console.

Affordable solution

Chrome digital signage is designed from the ground up to deliver superior performance on inexpensive hardware, all managed through the Chrome Device Management console.

Reliable performance

Chrome devices are built rugged and designed to work in tough environments, providing unmatched uptime and security for signage deployments.

Flexible configurations

With touchscreen capabilities, broad support for peripherals and the ability to function as a powered beacon, Chrome devices can satisfy a range of signage use cases.

What is a Chrome Commercial Device?

Built to use 24/7, AOPEN’s Commercial Chrome Device is solid state and has an open platform designed to support a range of android apps. It is also bundled with one year of Chrome Management and designed to use Chrome’s cloud application as a device management system to centrally or locally deploy devices.

Chromebox Commercial 2

The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 is a highly reliable and powerful device that operates 24/7 under tough conditions. It sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being a commercial grade device, allowing speedy and secure signage from the Cloud using Google OS. 

The touch design including the industrial components makes this the strongest Chromebox available on the market today.

Chromebase Commercial

The Chromebase Commercial 22" is designed for commercial use. The Chrome based multi-touch is ultra-thin and exceptionally powerful.

The Chromebase Commercial is a solid-state device designed to be extremely robust and secure, making it ideal for interactive public display in high traffic environments (i.e as a digital signage, POS kiosk system). For connecting other devices such as POS peripherals and authentication devices (i.e. Biometrics), the Chromebase Commercial has commercial ports, ruling out the need for multiple power cables. 

Great things come in small packages!

Introducing the AOPEN Chromebox Mini and Chromebase Mini bringing enterprise reliability and features at an affordable price.

Chromebase Mini

The Chromebase Mini is an enterprise-ready interactive 10.1 inch all-in-one touchscreen solution. It’s designed to be managed with ease, reliability, and security - making it ideal for high-traffic enterprise environments including digital signage, POS, self-service kiosks, digital corporate communication, and AV room control.

Chromebox Mini

The Chromebox Mini, is the smallest Chromebox on the market today and also runs on the Chrome OS platform. It is solid state and can be used as an SME or enterprise desktop replacement hosting IoT applications, digital signage, and kiosks, allowing greater control of in-store engagement.


The strength of commercial grade

With new levels of simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness, the AOPEN Chrome Commercial devices are changing digital signage forever.

- Engineered to work in harsh environments
- Supports long hours of operation
 -Ensures reliability in commercial environments
- Fast, simple and secure operating system

Signagelive for Chrome

The Signagelive Chrome OS application delivers 100% of the functionality available from other client applications; including multi-zone layouts, landscape and portrait support, offline playback of media, device monitoring and screen on/off control.

Signagelive for Chrome OS works alongside Google's Chrome device management providing an enterprise-class solution for digital signage applications.

An active Signagelive licence is required to use Signagelive for Chrome. 

Where can you use Signagelive?

Signagelive is in use in thousands of different locations with hundreds of different applications.


SKY DS is - Design - Digital - Data, an integrated DS3 solution inspired by your communication objectives with same speed performance and simplicity, while interconnected and working in parallel, recognizing or knowledge learning from your offline locations.

DS3+ Technology

SKY DS offers a digital marketing solution specifically tailored to suit any startup or small business’ needs. From retail to corporate who wishes to engage with customers, to a hairdresser who wants to engage with current, and potential customers, in and around their salon with an app, SKY DS can help businesses progress their digital footprint, engage better with customers and target potential new ones.