Sky DS Pte Ltd, is founded & promoted by Manoj Thacker, SKY DS is a digital solutions platform, evolved since foundation as "DIACP-Digital Integrator of Application Computing Platforms” in 2011 with focus on objective communication that allows content to be delivered to target audience on a real time basis with advance manageability and features that can be customized to capture opportunities as well as strengthen the performance of existing digital assets and capabilities in any given scenarios.

SKY DS delivers services for communication, management and consultancy for digital business building – turnkey with add on value services pre and post completion, which will not be limited to - engaging in initiation, planning of technology, ideation to execution, manage and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Next generation businesses are customer centric and focus on benefits and objectives of communication with audience to deliver results. Partners want effective ways to publish messaging to audience, and their challenges are real-time communication and dynamic content with security, that can be seamlessly delivered from remote location and manage dozens or hundreds of screens across all devices on many network operations.

Our partners are switching to digital communication to create stunning content in tighter timeframes by eliminating the need to produce, distribute and dispose of print collateral. This content can also be delivered more effectively by using data to determine when and where particular relevant information should be displayed. By making the message contextual and relevant to the viewer, the impact of such messaging increases substantially and gives a clear return on objectives.

Our philosophy of partnership and collaborative business remains the core of our success since our foundation of SKY Electronics Dubai in 1989, Our single-minded approach to Electronics, IT & Semiconductor industry is now entering 30th anniversary in 2019.

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